The Rise of Minute Men

What is Minute Men? 

   The band named Minute Men is turning into a schooler sensation in the school of Academia Cristo Rey, Ponce. This rock’n roll themed band is definitely turning heads around the school and they are definitely making a name for themselves in and out of school. The name Minute Men came when the young high schoolers where asked to do last minute songs, so they built from that and became successful with every performance they had done, but demonstrating their responsibilities on and off the school. The band was created during the year 2018 with the help of a music teacher and a security guard who supported the love and passion for the music of these high schoolers. 

Who are the Minute Men? 

   Let’s just say that they were two regular students who just wanted to fulfill their rock’n roll dream by creating a band. The band is composed mainly by the founders Juan Moreno and Miguel Moreno, two brothers who shared the same interest to recreate their favorite songs. Now they are well recognized at school as a dynamic duo. As time passed, Miguel took his little brother José (Pepe) and taught him how to play the guitar. José was so determined in learning that he became the third official member of the band. During their journey they came across a boy named Yasiel which also has a big family just like the Moreno family and they both shared experiences and share the love for music. With a lot of bonding, Yasiel became the fourth official member of the band. 

What instruments do the play? 

  Well, the band isn’t yet completed as in all the positions of a band are not yet locked down, but fortunately for the band, Miguel plays both the bass and guitar (acoustic and electric). On the other hand, Juan plays the drums, which he is constantly adding new attachments to the instrument. Another benefit they have is that they both joined the Academia Cristo Rey chorus and of course that makes for some good singing and alliances with the school’s chorus. Their little brother José plays the guitar and for his age, his skill level certainly gained attention. As for Yasiel, he plays the guitar but in the band he is the bassist.  

Any band affiliates? 

  Over the recent years the band has teamed up with other students to play songs together and at the meantime looking for new members by judging their talents. Students who are affiliates for the band are Angel Pérez (guitarist and bassist), Amanda Pérez (singer and guitarist), María Moreno (singer), Fabiel Lugo(bassist) and Rocio Muñoz (guitarist, bassist and singer). Together they have made performances across the school and beyond.     

What about now? 

  As for the present, now the well known band Minute Men are wanting to learn more and share that musical knowledge and experiences for others to cherish and also pay forward because the art of music is a beautiful thing and it should be experienced by all mankind.  

Want more of Minute Men? 

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Article by: Fabiel A. Lugo  


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